Odessi - Smart Home Solutions

Odessi-Smart Home Solutions

Odessi controls plugged-in lights, devices and appliances from anywhere, through your home's WiFi via its free app

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Features of Odessi

  • Control your devices from anywhere in the world

    Remotely controlling your devices on mobile phone App from anywhere and anytime

  • Group control

    You can create a group and add several devices into the group, then you can control all the devices together at the same time. This makes one-touch control possible.

  • Voice control 

    Imagining the fun of controlling your devices just using your voice! Yes, our smart plugs perfectly obey your voice commands from Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. Impressive, right?

Buy Odessi Smart Plug || Control Your TV , AC, Geyser From Anywhere In The World

Rs. 699.00

Rs. 1,299.00

Shipping & Tax included.
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Buy Smart LED Bulb || 7W

Rs. 899.00

Rs. 1,799.00

Shipping & Tax included.
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Buy RGBW Smart LED Strip || Mobile Control || 5 Meters Length

Rs. 1,999.00

Rs. 5,999.00

Shipping & Tax included.
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Compatible with Alexa & google home

Connect Odessi Products with Amazon Echo or Google Home 
for voice control of the devices in your home